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The Magic of Dual Momentum Investing

Market momentum can be a powerful ally and being able to measure is the key to keeping you on the right side of the market. Here we demonstrate some methodologies that can be employed to uncover the markets strongest stocks. We also discuss ways you can manage downside risk in your portfolio, in particular for when markets turn more volatile. 

Trading the Mayhem

Why we should use a systematic approach trading, and a look at how different trading approaches perform through different market regimes. Includes trading ideas and quantitative results.


A common addition to a trading strategy to manage risk is a stop loss. But these may in fact be costing (not saving) you money, by counterintuitively REDUCING return and INCREASING drawdown risk. Watch now to get the hard facts on stop losses, and to uncover sounder approaches to risk management that could protect and enhance your hard-earned capital. Learn more about our trading strategies at

All About Market Regimes

Most trading strategies have an optimal type of market condition where they work at their absolute best, so having an understanding of market conditions and being able to detect and adapt to them can really have a huge impact on trading performance. But how can we measure market regimes properly? What techniques can we use to find that delicate balance between stability and reactivity so that it improves performance rather than reduces it?

A Quantitative Approach to Seeking Alpha

How do we select the best tools available in order to capture and exploit market inefficiencies?

Trading System Design – A Practical Guide

A discussion on how to uncover an edge in the markets and build a strategy using a structured approach to take advantage of it.