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Do you have a model or idea you’d like to develop, test and measure the metrics and performance for using Amibroker? Then we can help!

Our Amibroker developer has over 15 years experience, and a professional background in software development within the financial industry.

We have advanced knowledge of Amibroker AFL including Custom Backtester, IB TWS Trade Automation, Matrix, Low-Level Graphics, Static Variable Ranking and much more. If you need assistance in taking your Amibroker project forward, then look no further.

We can develop your idea, and deliver you working AFL code for you to run and backtest.

We can also help you refine an idea you have to improve its metrics.

If you’re struggling to code an idea up yourself, then we can work together to bring your model to fruition.

All intellectual property is treated in the utmost confidence, and non-disclosure agreement can be arranged if required.

Here’s what you can expect to be delivered with your Amibroker development project:

  • Bespoke turnkey AFL code as specified
  • Client confidentiality and non-disclosure assured (including NDA if required)
  • You retain full ownership and all rights over code and intellectual property
  • Full setup instructions, and training via remote desktop connection if required
  • No up-front payment until you are satisfied the code delivered meets your objectives
  • Post-development support after project completion to attend to any issues that may arise

Contact us to discuss your project and find out how we can work together to bring it to life.